The Astrology Company: March 2017 by Bob Mulligan

March 2017

By Bob Mulligan

 (a personal note is at the end of the newsletter)

The month of March starts with Jupiter Opposite Uranus and Venus turning Retrograde.  This excitement sets a tone for the month, but guess what, it fades away.  With Mars going into Taurus on the 9th, we are required to start doing some hard work…and with the mutual reception to the Retrograde Venus in Aries (she is also in her fall), much negotiation goes on behind the scene to keep our projects moving forward.  We will all find ourselves doing things that deviate from our routine behavior in order to progress.  The Vernal Equinox starts spring.  This chart is the foundation for the whole year and, most tellingly, for the next three months.  The Moon is Conjunct Saturn within minutes of exact. It is good to remember that Saturn (lord of karma) is silently making his mark during this month; he has been traveling through Sagittarius (sign of values) for the last couple of years, having entered in December of 2014.  Public upset, depression, and restriction of expression are all manifestations of this Moon/Saturn Conjunction.  Saturn (the law) is not mean spirited, just exacting, and slow acting.  With Jupiter (the ruler of Sagittarius) in Libra (sign of one to one relationships) we will all be using diplomacy to achieve common objectives.  Jupiter Squares Pluto on the 30th reminding us to not become like the very qualities that we dislike in others.  “Those who fight monsters have to be careful not to become one.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

 The Full Moon is on the 12th at 10:54 AM EDT on the 22nd degree of Pisces/Virgo.  With Saturn at the base of a T-Square of the Sun Opposite the Moon, this time of lunar fulfillment comes with a price of honesty having to be paid.  Mutable T-Squares require some mental adjustment and with Saturn at the base in Sagittarius, the corrections need to be in the application of ethical standards and with some conformance to established protocol.

 The Sun enters Aries March 20th at 6:29 AM EDT. With the Moon (ruler of the public) exactly Conjunct Saturn (lord of discipline) and Square to the Sun, we can see that the general public is feeling frustrated and at a crossroads of values.  With both Mars and Venus in the uncomfortable signs of each other’s rulership, we see a slow determined move of world consciousness into uncharted territory.  One step at a time, we will see civilization waking up from a veil of self imposed delusion.  Cardinal T-Squares demand physical world solutions to maintain some semblance of balance.  Pluto Squares the Jupiter/Uranus Opposition, showing this great inherent need to act. However, there is no trigger to release the building energy. Mars in Taurus and Moon Conjunct Saturn show the world is on a “slow burn.” For each of us this is a clarifying opportunity to reevaluate. Are the goals we are aiming at really worth the energy it takes to acquire them?

 The New Moon on the 27th at 10:57 PM EDT on the 7th degree of Aries has Mercury Conjunct Uranus and Trining Saturn. This shows that we are capable of maintaining balance between revolutionary thinking and strategic planning.  Still, we have a need to make sure that both our actions and long term plans match our core beliefs.  Mars (desire) in Taurus (sign of the past) is Sextile Neptune (culture) in Pisces (infinite compassion), indicating our “tuning in” to a vision of “the good old days”; if this is tempered with honest self insight we can take yet another leap in consciousness. 

 From the 1st to the 5th tremendous amounts of mental stimulation provide us with new insight and enthusiasm.  The trick now is to capture new information, write it down, then put it to use.

 From the 6th to the 12th optimistic beliefs about our current lives can lead us to pull harder for our goals.  There is a danger now of overreach and trying to accomplish too much in too short of time.  Relaxing and concentrating on our key relationships is the path to realizing the great promise offered to us now.

From the 13th to the 19th we are prompted to release our pent up energy and to act affirmingly. Pleasant conversation and travel gives life new zest.  Long dormant plans may surface and we need to have faith in ourselves and in life in order to be disciplined enough to complete the tasks that are right in front of us.

 From the 20th to the 26th illusions and delusions can cloud our vision and prohibit us from putting our best foot forward.  However, if we are brave and act in accordance with our intuitions, a subtle sweetness can transform all our personal interactions.

 From the 27th to the 31st luck comes through hard work and mental discipline especially if we avoid shortcuts.  We can be tempted to jump into situations too soon.  Time spent in contemplation and self analysis will be rewarding. 

1st – Wednesday – Mercury Contra-parallel Venus, Mercury Semi-square Uranus, Mercury Sesquiquadrate Jupiter, Sun Conjunct Neptune –  Too many options can leave us overwhelmed.  When we take time to contemplate our whole life’s journey, we are led to new insights; we are relishing in a state of inner peace and bliss.  Connections between people and ideas can be made, but it may take a few days for clarification. 

2nd – Thursday – Jupiter Opposite Uranus – A long sought after breakthrough is upon us.  It behooves us to make sure that the actions we contemplate are practical.  But even aiming for the unachievable can be meaningful.  Whether our objectives are great or small what is critical is that we do something to move forward.

 3rd – Friday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Mars, Sun Semi-sextile Venus, Mercury Semi-square Mars –  This is one of those moments where our mental activity can get in our way.  Acting on impulse can be positive as long as our motives are pure and we are not experiencing negative emotions. 

4th – Saturday –  Venus turns Retrograde, Mercury Conjunct Neptune, Mercury Semi-sextile Venus –  Our thoughts can be far away, looking over the distant horizon.  Still, there are a few things to be done close at hand.  Kind words with even a few people who cross our path can make this a remarkable day. 

5th – Sunday – Mercury Contra-parallel Uranus, Mars Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Parallel Neptune, Mars Trine Saturn –  Even though we can receive incisive intuitions, our passions are running high.  Translating good sounding ideas into practical and communicable programs will require hard work.  We may be inspired to take notes on several possible future directions we might take;  this is all food for thought and later development.

 6th – Monday –  Mercury Parallel Jupiter, Sun Conjunct Mercury –  A mild self-assured confidence underlies all we do.  We have access to our own higher knowledge now and it is important to pay attention to the best intuitions of our heart.

 7th – Tuesday –  Warm personal sentiments run into larger world issues.  Common sense ideas can be conveyed without too much fanfare.  We all need to be careful to not overstep our bounds.

 8th – Wednesday –  Mercury Sextile Pluto –  It takes some practice to carry on mundane tasks while adhering to some lofty vision of a better life.  We become frustrated when things don’t go as planned, but as long as we remain focused on what we are really doing the way becomes clear.  Emotional balance keeps things running smoothly. 

9th – Thursday – Sun Sextile Pluto, Mercury Quincunx Jupiter, Mars enters Taurus, Mercury Semi-sextile Uranus –  Plowing forward on the straight and narrow is the path to perfection.  Dazzling insights can excite our minds but deviating too far from current plans can bring trouble.  But, do take note of what others say, what you read, and how circumstances in the world give room for thought.

 10th – Friday –  Sun Parallel Mercury – Integrating new ideas with our current arrangements come easy if we take practical measured steps.  Romantic thoughts can give way to the needs of pre-established obligations.  Getting our attention focused on our standard routines is a good way to stay grounded in our own lives while still being present for others. 

11th – Saturday – Venus Semi-sextile Neptune, Sun Quincunx Jupiter, Venus Parallel Mars –  Attraction to others can serve to activate the creative spirit within us.  Artistic pursuits are favored.  Take in a performance, a movie, or just do some creative writing.  Include the people you care about most wherever possible. 

12th – Sunday – Mercury Square Saturn, the Full Moon is at 10:54 AM EDT on the 22nd degree of Pisces/Virgo, Sun Semi-sextile Uranus –  Discarding what we can’t use anymore is a way of making room for something new.  Being practical, even cautious, without losing momentum is the way forward.  Loss of confidence can really slow us down.   Some adjustment for circumstances is inevitable but doesn’t have to detour our intention or approach.

 13th – Monday – Mercury enters Aries –  Mental clarity and determination give us a boost.  Taking care of other people’s desires can be an important reminder that we are not alone.  Turbulence is brewing and at times it may seem as if the world has lost its collective sense of direction.  With a little effort we can cheer up even a dismal situation. 

14th – Tuesday –  Ok, it’s complicated.  There are so many positive things going on right now; this is where we need to place our attention.  We may feel like doing something goofy; our associates may seem unreliable.  As long as we aren’t doing anything dangerous it is great to have a little fun amidst the chaos.

 15th – Wednesday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Mars –  We succeed when we stay as efficient as possible.  This is a moment to trust our instincts, stay positive, and monitor our output of energy.  Put good ideas down on paper, we’ll need to share our thoughts later on. 

16th – Thursday – Sun Contra-parallel Mercury –  It’s a dreamy day but with some inner conflict.  We have a creative impulse that needs some form of release.  A thoughtful approach to problem solving can be beneficial, so can meditation.

 17th – Friday – Sun Square Saturn –  Fear of making mistakes can prevent us from looking at our situation objectively.  Lack of confidence can be a byproduct of living in an insecure world.  Taking time aside for our loved one’s can plant the seeds of further development in key relationships. 

18th – Saturday –  Mercury Conjunct Venus –  A stereophonic uniting of head and heart can propel us forward.  We need an adventure.  Even when trapped by our normal routines, we can interject variety and spontaneity into our life. 

19th – Sunday –  Listening to what others have to offer cannot only be pleasurable and productive, we can gain new insight into our own inner dynamics.  Problems of the world will leave most of us sidelined from great events.  However, it is important to be part of the world and to participate without being swept up in it.

 20th – Monday –  Mercury Semi-sextile Neptune, the Sun enters Aries, Venus Semi-sextile Mars –  An ironic foreshadowing comes on the heels of some shakeup of world circumstances.  Being firm in our actions is the ticket to staying calm.  Genuine and continuous self-discipline is the path to self-affirmation.

 21st – Tuesday –  Mercury Contra-parallel Jupiter –  Be careful to check your facts as you navigate the new dimensions of the world.  Your job is changing and this is bringing about a deep alteration in the way we relate and communicate with each other.

 22nd – Wednesday – Mercury Contra-parallel Neptune –  Creative thinking is at an all time high; however, we suffer when we mistake creative thinking for a factual mirror of the world.  There is a disconnect between our beliefs and the way the world appears to us now.  We need to be careful that we don’t pass along faulty information. 

23rd – Thursday – Mercury Square Pluto, Mercury Parallel Uranus –  We can get on the right track today if we are able to integrate the abrupt flashes of insight that emerge as we go about our daily routines.  Stubborn insistence on our point of view means that we get bogged down in unwinnable situations.  Tolerance of other’s opinions can enrich our lives.

 24th – Friday –  Mercury Opposite Jupiter – We can overstate our case, miss the point in conversations, or just suffer from inner conflict.  Higher wisdom is available but just outside of our grasp.  We grow in knowledge when we slow down and take the time to listen to our partners.

 25th – Saturday –  Mercury Parallel Venus, Sun Conjunct Venus –  Presenting a well thought out proposal can bring approval.  It’s a day to shine.  We are putting our best foot forward and rolling the dice. 

26th – Sunday –  Mercury Conjunct Uranus –  Freedom is the battle cry of the day; this spontaneous urge can come out in ideas, speech, writing, or an abrupt change of plans.  It’s important to remember that big changes now will have ramifications for a long time.  There is no substitute for the conscious shaping of this urge into something constructive.  We can start by remaining aware of how our actions impact others.

27th – Monday –  Mars Sextile Neptune, Mars Sesquiquadrate Saturn, the New Moon is on the 7th degree of Aries at 10:57 PM EDT –  With careful attention, patience, and fidelity to a higher purpose, we find our way to a peaceful assent and to a new view of life. Progress is made by being both energetic and willing to take a part of what we want, rather than going for all or nothing.  Comprehensive growth demands being willing to wait for other aspects of ourselves to catch up with our pioneering personality. 

28th – Tuesday –  Venus Parallel Uranus –  New ideas and impressions prompt us to take bold steps.  A certain excitement permeates the day.  Things we have started and set aside come back into our lives now. 

29th – Wednesday –  Mercury Semi-square Neptune, Mercury Trine Saturn –  We reach a decision.  We have waited; we can manifest our vision through determination alone when we have a clear perception of our goal.  We need to be unafraid to return to familiar habits which have given us tangible support in the past. 

30th – Thursday –  Jupiter Square Pluto, Venus Contra-parallel Neptune –  With a little effort this can be a very creative day.  Either not speaking our mind or pushing beyond our foundation give us grief.  However, making time for entertainment can replenish the part that has become exhausted. 

31st – Friday – Mercury enters Taurus –  Diversity in thinking and an exchange of ideas can give us a new way to enjoy others. We need to let the Sun shine into our deeper selves.  We are on the road to our real destination. 

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This newsletter arrives early because both Katie and I are on our way to India.  This trip comes on the heels of my trip to India last fall.  It was important, but there are a few things left unresolved in my inner life so I needed to head back….The Solar Eclipse on the 26th of February is exactly Conjunct Meher Baba’s Sun, so being at the feet of my Master at this moment is a great privilege and I’m so happy to have received the invitation to come.

 The workshop in Ft. Lauderdale was very successful and such a joy.  I feel a special bond of love with everyone who attended.  Fernanda Day was a consummate host; she took care of all the details of the weekend while making me feel right at home.  So it was easy to say “yes” when she asked me to come back and teach astrology on the east coast of Florida this summer.  We are working on the details now.

On the 31st of March, my long time friend and colleague, Lynne Hyde, is  sponsoring my weekend workshop, “Your Horoscope as a Spiritual Guide.”  It filled up quickly in Miami, as it did in Naples and Ft. Lauderdale, primarily because it is limited to seven participants.  Circumstances have forced me to take time away from my writing to be with people in this intimate manner.  After my book is in print there will be more time for doing these types of groups.

 Collective and individual anxiety is reaching a fever pitch on Mother Earth at this time.  So, what can conscious people of good will do to help alleviate the suffering? As the Buddha told his followers, “Work out your own salvation with diligence”.   This we must do.   It is very easy during this time of anger, hatred, lies, and desperation for us to fall into the trap of externalizing the issues and fighting meaningless fights.  As Jesus told his disciples, “Cast the beam out of your own eye so you can see more clearly the speck in your brothers.”  Each of us has a job to do.  Many year s ago I suffered greatly because I could see the pain that my clients were in when they came to see me.  Through the years I have learned how everyone has a rhythm and a time for unfolding in consciousness.  We can’t hurry another’s process, but we can speed up our own.   When Gandhi was languishing in a South African prison, a journalist asked him if he could summarize his philosophy in three words.  Gandhi replied “renounce and enjoy.”  Gandhi is also often quoted as saying, “We must become the change we wish to see in the world.”  Each of us has a choice to make.  Will we be part of the problem, or part of the solution?