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General Information for My Clients
From Bob Mulligan

The Goal of the Work

Astrology is a tool useful for gathering more information about our selves and our current situation. Better information lays the foundation to make more satisfying decisions. Astrology is vast and supplies us with more information than we can easily digest.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as we embark on this journey of self discovery.

First, astrology is a system for expanding and organizing information.  As such it will alter your perceptions of yourself and of life. Astrology as a frame of reference always presents us with more information than we were requesting. Astrology reveals everything about you that can be known. As a consequence of this vastness of information before us, I may see things in your chart and your life that you are not aware of and are not asking me about. It is my duty to tell you things that I honestly feel will help you, even if you are not interested or curious. Inversely, I may overlook or miss certain things that you feel are critical in your life. If you inform me of your interests and concerns before our session I do my best to address these issues. I am as “client directed” as possible.
Having your chart done for the first time can be quite a surprising experience. You may not agree with my insights or opinions. I may have a different picture of you than you have of yourself and that is why we are together. Our differences of perception should be a great resource to you through which your perspective on life can change.

Second, my conscious aim in our work together is to augment your growth. Our time together should assist you by placing issues of your life into a larger context. Receiving this new information will require some self stretching. Consequently, you may feel overwhelmed by information in your initial appointment. This is not unusual.
Getting help from astrology is not a passive act; as you gather information we will dialogue which opens the door to self discovery. Regardless of whether or not the information you receive matches or even exceeds your expectations. . . IT WILL CHANGE YOU . . . and you will respond in some manner to this change.

Our Sessions are Recorded in mp3 Format
As a courtesy to you and as an aid to your memory, our sessions are recorded; shortly after our session you are sent a digital file via email. This is so you can review the material. I do my best to make the highest quality recording possible, but take note; I can’t guarantee the quality of this sound file. If anything goes wrong in the recording process, which happens rarely, you are left with this as an inconvenience. You are welcome to make your own recording if you wish.

No Cancellation Policy
If you set up an appointment with me, it is your responsibility to keep it. If you need to move your appointment time, I will do everything possible to accommodate you. Sometimes it is not possible to find an alternate time for meeting. This is rare, but if it happens, your appointment will be converted to a telephone session. If it becomes absolutely necessary to cancel an appointment completely because of some emergency, I will understand that it was necessary. However, you will still need to pay for this session.

Other People’s Charts

You may have curiosity about other people in your life and wish me to take a look at their charts. The answer is no. Even if the person is not a client of mine, I consider it a violation of confidence for me to give you information from their chart. You can however have a chart comparison done with this person, or, you can get an INDRA Report done for them. You may also get a chart comparison report. By the same token, you should know, I won’t discuss your chart with anyone else but you. It is fair and useful, however, for parents to have the chart done of their infant children. This can provide useful information about how to parent the child. Further, astrology has a genuine use in personnel work. If you have interest in this vocational application of astrology, ask me for more information.  A further consideration to remember is that our work together is private and confidential.  Your identity as my client is between us and no third party can sit in while we are in session.  You will have an audio file of our session which you are free to share with anyone you wish.

A Note on Forecasting
One aspect of astrology is forecasting. My approach to prediction is to involve you in dialogue over your own future. Regardless of our discussion or what I think about your life, I want you to act from your own intuitions. While astrology is the perfect science, I’ve never met an astrologer who understood it perfectly. While I have a professional opinion over the events in your life, an opinion is less than knowledge. A weatherman has an opinion about the weather just as I have an opinion about your life.

Three Ways of Working
You may book an appointment to see me by email, by my website, or by telephone.  There are three ways we can accomplish our goals together:

  • In Person. Being in my office here in Naples, Florida so we can talk face-to-face can be an added benefit to the work.  It is pleasant and personable.  Some clients feel strongly that this is the best way for them to work with me and will travel great distances to do this.
  • The Telephone. Some clients work best and most efficiently over the telephone.  We can have appointments when you are in any location. It is important that if we schedule to work over the phone that you have privacy while we are talking so you can focus.  This is not the time for multi-tasking.
  • On the Internet. If you are computer savvy and enjoy working via Zoom, we can have appointments this way.

After our initial session, our work together will revolve around specific issues that we agree are important to your life pattern. We can set up a program of self-development that includes regular sessions.
Any client who finds value in my work should see me once a year as a minimum investment in their own life. An annual update is essential; more frequently is better. Some clients have appointments monthly or bimonthly to discuss current issues and situations in their lives. This is an opportunity to get further insight into your process of self development.
Sometimes we do more regular work, seeing each other every week.  This is when we are using our sessions to go deeper into life’s possibilities and discovering ways of maximizing potential.  The work becomes part therapy and part instrumentation; we work to materialize the promise of your individual natal chart.
Extended work is another possibility in our collaboration. When it is advantageous to do a lot of work at once we can plan to have very long sessions. We may have a session lasting half a day; sometimes we have a session lasting all day; we may work for several days or even a week.  Extended sessions are really appropriate for conscious individuals who are at a turning point.

How Our Work Progresses
We will always hit a place in our dialogue where an issue becomes stuck. This happens regardless of how earnest you are and how much you try. We all have barriers. When you reach a place of not being able to move forward, we switch from dialogue to a different therapeutic modality. This may include seeing another type of therapist or consultant for body work, psychotherapy, psychic healing, some work to access your artistic skills and your imagination, or past life regression.
Being in therapy with me will always require some homework. Desire to work on yourself is necessary in order to make real progress. Your correspondence keeps me current with the happenings in your life.

About Money
The fee for our work together is $250 an hour.  Initial appointments last an hour unless we make arrangements for a two hour session which costs $500. Sometimes we work in blocks of time and are together for two or more sessions. My fee is $250 per hour of extra time. Short sessions, which are for any time up to one hour, are $250. You may also book a half hour session if your questions are very specific; my fee is half my hourly rate. If your appointment is scheduled for the telephone, it is your responsibility to insure that I have received your check or credit card information before our appointment time.


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