Products & Services

consultations and reports

  • Personal Consultations – One- or two-hour phone consultation with Bob Mulligan, with a copy digitally sent to you afterwards to download and save.
  • The INDRA Report – Gain valuable information about your life with the INDRA report. This computer generated, 30-35 page report explains the “wheel of life”, as it relates directly to you. For therapists and astrologers alike, the INDRA report is a tool that furthers the process of analysis and introspection. Also available in Spanish, German and Italian.
  • City & Town Relocation Report – If you’re contemplating a personal or corporate move, the City and Town Relocation Report will indicate which components of your personality are emphasized in your new location.
  • Psyche & Eros Compatibility Report – Find out the specific guidelines needed to succeed in a relationship with this 20-25 page report created by using the astronomical symbols present at the moment of birth.
  • Solar Return Report – This report is based on the Sun returning to its exact birth position. Planets in the heavens at the time of your Solar Return describe circumstances for the next year.
  • Transit Report – This report shows the exact measurements of the transiting planets to your natal chart. These patterns are interpreted moment to moment giving a good foundation for making plans and initiating activities.


  • INDRA Software and Workshops – The software needed to generate the INDRA report is the perfect accompaniment to an astrological or counseling practice. Have immediate access to personalized astrology reports with your home computer.
  • Kepler software – A complete astrological software system that provides a huge number of technical calculations and interpretations.

classes / correspondence school

  • the Mastery of Astrology – The Mastery of Astrology, a complete correspondence school, has been educating astrologers since 1974. This all-inclusive correspondence school teaches major techniques of astrological practice leading to professional practice.

tapes and videos

  • Selected lectures and workshops on DVD and CD’s covering a wide range of astrological topics, both technical and general. Learn how to use astrology in everyday life. Find out how major planetary patterns have pointed to important turns in world culture.